All About Vinyl Vehicle Wraps in Mercer Island

Wraps, Graphics, and Striping, Mobile Advertising, Vehicle StripingAre you interested in learning more about vinyl vehicle wraps in Mercer Island, Washington? Many car and truck owners swear by vehicle wraps, but is this type of auto detailing right for you and your automobile? Keep the following information in mind as you decide whether or not to discuss a vinyl vehicle wrap with your auto body shop in Mercer Island.

What is Vinyl Wrapping?

A vinyl vehicle wrap helps to protect the paint on your car or truck, as well as offering unique customization. Your wrap graphics professional will apply a thin film of vinyl over your vehicle. In many cases, it’s designed like a giant, clear decal, but color options are also available.


Many car owners prefer vinyl vehicle wraps because they are low in cost and significantly cheaper than painting services. This process also takes less time than painting, so you can get back on the road more quickly. Additionally, these wraps are removable if you change your mind in the future.


As with any auto detailing service, you get what you pay for. Choosing cheap vinyl vehicle wraps means less durability and more potential fading over time. Some car owners also think that auto painting is more aesthetically pleasing.

Interested in a Vinyl Vehicle Wrap in Mercer Island?

Are you interested in a vinyl vehicle wrap in Mercer Island, Washington? If you’d like to have a wrap installed on your car or truck, it’s time to find a reliable auto body shop in your area. Fortunately, the help you need is only a phone call away! The professionals at Accutint Seattle in Seattle are available today to provide expert advice, quality workmanship, and unbeatable customer service. Our highly-trained team of specialists provides the very best auto detailing, paint protection film, auto window tinting, residential window tinting, and commercial window tinting services in the area!

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps in Mercer Island

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